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Prior to attending his workshop, Fred Solomon invited me to sit IN his office. I sat opposite his desk to see how he answers calls and deals with specific situations and just to ask questions about the business. I have been doing this more than a week now (everyday) and it's quite the experience. Calls are wide and varied--from people receiving notice of defaults to investors that had money to invest to loan modifications, short sales, foreclosures and more. His level of knowledge and professionalism can not be equaled. His way of dealing with distressed homeowners was that of concern and sensitivity. I also observed something else about Fred. Because he is so masterful at networking, his list of people (knowledge) that he can draw upon are giants in the industry (attorneys, CPA's, asset managers at lending institutions, etc.) and are literally at his fingertips. He was there to help me and is ongoing. He'll do the same for you. Ask Fred questions. He's here to help and I urge you to take the bootcamp. It's a wonderful opportunity to make additional income or career change AND a great opportunity to help others--there is no shortage of people that need our help. I might add this is NOT a RE guru seminar that'll take your money, they don't really want to know your name and they're flying off to the next city!

G. Gerard, Los Angeles, CA

Fred's Educational Workshop was very informative! Fred is outstanding in his knowledge. I attended this workshop over 6 months ago and I recommended it to all my friends. Fred has helped me and I still get his advice on other RE issues. Best of all Fred can REALLY help you to take ACTION now and accomplish your goals. Truth and honesty is hard to find but with Fred this is everyday. Fred is a great speaker with great information (Buying foreclosures, Loan Modifications, anything real estate). Fred is the best. Let him help you like he has helped me.

D Sean

Fred's workshop was better than any one I have ever attended before!

I came to Fred's workshop wondering how different could he possibly be, right? There are so many seminars and ones that want you to buy their "stuff." Fred Solomon did not do that. He even took the time to meet with me since his workshop to help me. I'm a real estate investor/retired and need the guidance of a professional "coach" like Fred. You need someone like Fred in TODAY'S market. Trust me. I have since made smarter decisions and I am helping others with loan modifications and making money targeting short sales in the RIGHT areas.

R. Funk, San Diego, CA

I consider "Put Your Money Where Your House Is" as THE definitive guidebook to financial prosperity. Fred's honesty and direct approach to finance, credit, home buying, deal hunting, and tax considerations will save you hundreds of hours consulting with so called "experts"...not to mention tens of thousands of dollars. This book is a home run and should be required reading to even QUALIFY for a home loan.

Doug Mitchell, Founder & CEO, createWOWmedia.com

I love all that Solomon Financial does. It's very cool that you take the time to educate the industry. Very cool!

S. Benton

I listen to your radio program most weeks. I learn from you and I have been in the business 29 years!

E. Stringer, Newport Beach, CA

Dear Fred, It was a pleasure speaking with you. As I stated in our conversation, I have great respect for your knowledge and understanding of the real estate market.

I am confident that given your wealth of knowledge and resourcefulness, after reviewing my real estate portfolio you will be able to offer me guidance that will allow me to achieve my goals of maintaining my credit and avoiding defaulting on my mortgages.

Perry B.

Dear Fred, The seminar this weekend was very informative; thank you for hosting it. I admit, I'm a seminar junkee and have spend a lot of money on workshops and come to find they are not worth it. The fact that yours is free and the amount of knowledge and experience you give us is second to none. I can see why you are successful. As a financial advisor myself, I encounter many real estate investors, and I believe your workshops are an excellent opportunity for them to expand their real estate knowledge.

Roger B., Los Angeles, CA

Fred, I apologize for the long e-mail - I know you have many people to attend to you. I can't tell you how grateful I am for the day I met you in Imperial Beach. You are truly one of the best people in the industry and I feel lucky to have done business with you in the past. In an industry that has no shortage of deception, you and your team are a light in the fog. Thank you.

M. Russell

Lisa, I just wanted to say thanks. I had a house listed for about 5 months, just about to lose the listing received an offer from a competitor broker. Well, she couldn't place the loan (credit problems) so I gave her your name not telling her I knew you from the radio. Anyway, your people got the job done. I have been in the business 27 years (25 as broker) - I have done loans, seller finance etc. This was one of those deals where it would take an act of God, and you guys pulled it off!!! I mostly list these days as I've paid my dues and like to surf all over the world, but from now on I will refer any loans refi's to Solomon Financial. Thanks again to your wonderful company.

T. Maxim

I have done business with Solomon Financial (Mike Hernandez) for over four years now. He has helped my family as well. He is honest and does what he says. This last transaction closed within 3 weeks. Karla was great and was on top of everything! I will continue to refer anyone I know that is looking for honest mortgage advice.

J. Quintero

Dear Fred and Lisa, The seminar this weekend was very informative; thank you for hosting it. As an Account Executive, I encounter many real estate investors, and I believe the Go Zone is an excellent opportunity for them.

I. Haufrect

Thank you, Fred for your informative and upbeat workshop. You know your frequency and you do things. You can tell, it is simply how you are made. I will definitely recommend your workshop to everyone.

Pat D.

I refinanced with Solomon Financial Mortgage and was extremely satisfied with the entire process. I received everything that I was promised in the no closing costs loan program and received an excellent interest rate as well. Fred Solomon assisted in the process and everything went smooth. In talking to other people who financed their mortgages through other companies they paid high closing cost fees and other hidden fees which significantly increased the cost of their loan. Unfortunately, these fees were hidden in their new loan and because they did not have to pay it up front they did not realize it until it was too late. Solomon gives you everything upfront.

N. Putt

I am writing to let you know about the fantastic service I received from Jason Ugay with Solomon Financial. In February, my wife & I decided it was time to purchase a home. I shopped around and had to settle for one of those 1% down loans. I could have not made a bigger mistake than this one! This 1% interest only loan started out okay, but as time progressed so did my interest rate. I started with a 6.25% and by the end of the year it had inflated to 8.25%. My problem was that I was only making the MINIMUM PAYMENT and the LOAN BALANCE ACCRUED NEGATIVE AMORTIZATION. My interest only payment had increased to over $2,000. With the help of Jason he helped me and my wife feel more secure about our investment. He found me a 5.75% 5 year interest only loan, with a monthly payment of only $1562.00 with no pre-payment penalty and no PMI. I did not believe that he could do this due to all the negative feedback that I was getting from the other lenders. EVERYONE THAT I TALKED TO SAID IT COULDN'T BE DONE because my loan to value ratio was too high. But with the help of Jason and Solomon Financial you helped me save my home! He was there for me day and night to let us know that everything was okay. Thank you, again.

R. Gamsby

Dear Fred, I've been listening to your radio show every week for about the past 3 months - I LOVE IT! I can't get enough! Thank you for such a great work in such an important commodity.

D. Lynn

Dave Aielli is a very helpful, knowledgeable individual who I have had the privilege of doing business with. He is honest and hard working which is one of the reasons I like working with him. He is a very valuable member of your team. So is Karla Artavia. I will continue to refer my friends and acquaintances to you. Thank you again for making my loan process fast and easy.

V. Castro

I just wanted to thank Lynette Gueller for the tickets to the investment workshop. Fred & Lisa were great! The seminar was fantastic. I learned a lot. You have been so helpful and your customer service to us has been fabulous, fantastic and more! I appreciate your helpfulness and will be in touch with questions soon, I am sure. Please let Fred & Lisa know their workshop was great! Have a great time at Solomon - they seem to be great people to work for!

R. Navarrete

I wanted to thank Solomon Financial for helping me with my home loan purchase. It was a smooth transaction throughout. I was impressed with your professionalism and ability to get this done as promised.

P. Diaz

Andrew, thanks for all your help during this loan process. It all started when I called 97.1 for some advice. The advice was great and so was your personal service. I appreciate your consistent updates and patience as we navigated through the loan process. I will definitely recommend you and your company. Thanks!!!


Mike did a great job helping me pay off all my bills and get me cash out. He got me a better offer than my bank and was direct and honest with me. I am very happy with my transaction and I will pass his name along to co-workers and family.

N. Suarez

Solomon Financial's workshop changed my life. I will never forget the event and will do my very best to apply what I've learned to my personal and professional life. I've been in the business for 11 years and have never attended a conference like this.

Let me be the first the say: You Can Not Afford to Not Go! I cannot thank Fred Solomon and am looking forward to upcoming club events.

Michelle Collins, Commercial Investor

Fred and the Solomon Team sold my house in a few weeks after I had it listed with another agent for six months! I was treated with kindness and respect. Fred, you deserve your commission and I was happy to pay for your excellent service.

Suzanne Zerchen

Working with the Solomon Team was most pleasant and businesslike in every way. They were helpful and kept in touch with me at all times. I have only the highest praise for them.

Wayne Crawford

Steve, Thank you for a swift, painless real estate experience. It was a pleasure doing business with you. You're a great guy!

Steve & Sue Vasquez

You did a fine job - you found us a property in just one day! Thank you so much!

Elwyn Edwards

Working with the Solomon staff is like having an extended family. Every question is answered, every need is met. The only way to buy and sell is through Steve and his team!

Leila Scott

Our experience was unique, to say the least! Thanks for your help & patience during the stressful closing. You went beyond your duties to steer me in the right direction with our lender.

Dan & Liz Heil