Loan Cost Analysis
Does it make sense to get a lower rate & pay closing costs - Loan Cost Analysis sample

What is a loan cost analysis?What is a loan cost analysis?

We will provide you a Free Market Evaluation (What’s my home worth?) to determine if it makes sense for you to refinance or which is the best loan for your exact situation. Also, we will find out what your mortgage payment will be, with different options available.

Some People are unaware that If you continue to make the same exact payment as what you are currently making right now, and you lower your interest rate, you will pay off your loan faster and save years off your mortgage term.

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  • Purchase (already in escrow)
  • Purchase (want pre-approval info)
  • Lower Rate
  • Take Cash Out
  • Get rid of PMI
  • Consolidate Debt
  • Reduce my Monthly Payment
  • Go from an Adjustable to Fixed Rate
  • Home Equity Line of Credit

  • a Single Family Residence
  • a Townhome
  • a Mobile Home
  • a Duplex/Triplex
  • an Investment Property
  • a Home with Large Acreage

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