For more information for each of these webinars, click on the appropriate links below. All presentations are 90 minutes unless otherwise stated. Dates and times vary and are updated weekly so check back with us if you don’t see an availability for your schedule.

Foreclosure Opportunity and Education For Homeowners and Investors Workshop on 12-4-10 at 10:00 a.m. PST in Santa Ana, CA


I raised my credit score from 530 to 707 by deleting charge-offs, collection items, and more after Solomon Financial's credit restoration class.

Elizabeth Holguin

Dear Fred, The seminar this weekend was very informative; thank you for hosting it. I admit, I'm a seminar junkee and have spent a lot of money on workshops and come to find they are not worth it. The fact that yours is free and the amount of knowledge and experience you give us is second to none. I can see why you are successful. As a financial advisor myself, I encounter many real estate investors, and I believe your workshops are an excellent opportunity for them to expand their real estate knowledge.

Roger B., Los Angeles, CA

Secrets to Better Credit Kit (Includes e-guidebook, any future web class or CD) – Pre-registration required. $49.99

You can do it yourself, in as quickly as 1 week. 60 minute workshop. Additional tools and materials you will get:

  • Learn how to beat collection agencies at their own game.
  • Stop your credit scores from getting worse.
  • If you have good credit – how to keep your scores high or pass this information on to your spouse/children.
  • Debtors have rights and legal timeframes. You may not have to pay a certain debt or be able to dispute charges. Get free sample letters that work that you can send to any of the 3 credit bureaus.
  • If you don't have any credit, lean how easy it is to get good credit.
  • Learn how your credit can help you negotiate a better interest rate on your home purchase.
  • Learn how to save THOUSANDS in loan fees and interest by getting your credit score higher.
  • Learn how to keep your scores high for the rest of your life.
  • Learn how you can help your family member obtain better credit.
  • 100% guaranteed or your full refund back.

Free Homebuyer Education Webinar – Pre-registration required.

Take the worry and stress out of home buying in a relaxed live class that guides you through the journey of finding and financing your home whether it is your first or fifth house. Learn the things you should look out for when buying, like how to protect yourself when you buy, lawsuits, tips, timelines you should know, 20 Creative Ways to Get Money for Down Payment, What a Buyer's agent will do for you, How to get Pre-approved and not get ripped off on the home purchase and more! Bring your questions – we have answers!

Creating Wealth through Real Estate Investing – Pre-registration required.

Learn the advantages of homeownership and gain advice on today's market. Become a savvy investor. Take the worry and stress out of buying real estate, whether 2nd home, investment property, out of state, etc. This live web class will guide you through the journey of finding and financing your properties. Learn what a good ROI (return on investment) is. 60 Minute Workshop. You will get:

  • What Determines Home Prices?
  • Where should You Buy and Why?
  • How Can You find properties 5 to 20% below current comps?
  • The 5 Things You Should Know About Foreclosures Before Buying Any Property.

Tax Free Passive Income – (For Investors) Pre-registration required.

If you own Real Estate (especially Commercial or Multi-Family) you most likely have passive income. For example, do you know that by purchasing properties in the GO Zone that you can wipe out all the Passive Income Taxes by zeroing out that number. Learn Tax Strategies that CPA's use to save thousands of dollars.

What Loan Officers Don't Want You To Know.

For over 18 years, Fred Solomon has been teaching consumers the truth behind the loan business so that you can be an educated consumer. He published in the L.A. Times What Loan Officers Don't Want You to Know which created popularity. Learn step by step the 10 Things You Should Avoid When you Refinance or Purchase any Property. This live web class will give you the tools and knowledge you need to ask the right questions and potentially save tens of thousands of dollars over the life of your mortgage.

Home Buyer Education Live Interactive Class.

Learn the advantages of homeownership and gain advice on today's market. Become a savvy buyer. This is for the first time home buyer or novice investor. This live web class will guide you through the journey of finding and financing your properties. You will get an e-guidebook that you can use and understand along your path to buying your dream home. 60 Minute Workshop.

FREE Go Zone Investing Webinar – Learn how to qualify for the GO Zone 50% Bonus depreciation & How the IRS is paying you to buy real estate.

From Fred Solomon:

"I am excited to offer some new cash-on-cash opportunities from 7-19% in Biloxi, MS Baton Rouge, Denon Springs, & Hammond Louisiana. These are some of the very best appreciating markets in the GO Zone.

I will be in Baton Rouge, Louisiana on Thursday and in Biloxi, Mississippi on Friday. I am meeting directly with the builders who represent Solomon Financial opportunities. Many clients are flying there with me to see the opportunity first hand!"

If you want to take advantage of our "Fly and Buy Program" a $500 airline credit will be given to you at the close of escrow after visiting our opportunities in Biloxi or Baton Rouge. You can even stay at great casinos like the Hard Rock, IP Casino, Beau Rivage (with ocean views) for as little as $99 a night.”

If you have been interested in investing and want to jump start in one of the #1 Emerging U.S. Markets with positive cash flow (have a 20% - 25% down payment – we can show you how to access this from your home equity line of credit or IRA), you do not want to miss out on some incredible cash-on-cash returns for you on a 30 YEAR FIXED MORTGAGE (not one of those 3, 5, 7, or 10 yr adjustable loans or as I call, "Get your home into Foreclosure Loan – the Option ARM)."

You can get in with as little as 10% down with full documentation (ask us how).

The price ranges for these investment opportunities of the GO Zone are from the $130’s to $285k. We have some condos right on the water with boat slips in Biloxi (with the proper 3 different Insurance policies – Hurricane/Wind/Hail/Flood/Liability) that range in price from 170k – 285k with Garage Parking.

We have some great opportunities! SOLOMON FINANCIAL INCENTIVES on these properties the water include:

  • 100% paid monthly mortgage payments for up to (30) months
  • 100% paid property taxes for up to (30) months
  • 100% paid homeowner's association payments for up to (30) months
  • 100% paid management fees for up to (30) months
  • 100% paid maintenance costs for up to (30) months
  • 100% paid utilities for up to (30) months

You won't want to miss this one! Fred Solomon from Solomon Financial and The Solomon FREE Money Hour (with Kerri Kasem) Investment Talk Radio (Heard Saturdays 4 pm on CBS NEWS RADIO & KLSX) will be hosting this web class dealing with the best emerging markets, how to determine cash flow properties, GO Zone investing in the Mississippi real estate market.

Mississippi's been making national headlines as one of the best places to purchase investment real estate in the country. And if you still aren't convinced that the GO Zone tax incentives are possibly an investor's dream, you have to realize investors such as yourself are already getting checks back from the government. Learn what million dollar investors are doing.

During this live web class, you'll be able to send messages to the Fred Solomon and panelists and answers to your questions will be broadcast to all attendees. All you need to do is register, log on via the internet and have speakers connected to your computer to enter the web class conference of the seminar. That's it, you'll have a live presentation via the internet and hear experts share information about the area such as housing needs, industry, military base needs, income and jobs.

Don't miss out on this investment opportunity. Get the facts you need presented in an informative one hour web class seminar designed around meeting the needs of a community housing shortage. You'll learn the formula for GO Zone success and how to make a profit revitalizing entire neighborhoods.

You must attend if:

  1. You have positive cash flow from any Real Estate Investments.
  2. You are a Real Estate Professional – Real Estate Agent, Loan Officer, Escrow Officer, Title related, Building Inspector, almost anything Real Estate Related
  3. You make less than $100,000 a year on your adjusted gross income.
  4. You want exponential growth of your Net Worth
  5. More disposable income/cash flow
  6. Elimination of federal tax payments