Live Workshop

Date/Time: May 16th – 18th , 2013
Location: Anaheim Red Lion Hotel

Are you going thru a Foreclosure,
considering a Short Sale, or
do you know someone who is?


We have an incredible 3 day EVENT coming up May 16th – 18th in Anaheim @ the Red Lion Hotel.  I just got back from Lee Honish’s 3 day EVENT in Vegas & trust me, it was GOOD!  I was one of the speakers on the Panel & oh boy, were there were some things mentioned that opened up REALTOR’S eyes.  So much so, that Lee agreed with me that HOMEOWNERS NEED to know this info too!  So, what is he going to do about it?  He’s going to take my suggestion, like the true advocate that he is & let homeowners learn the answers to the following questions.

Does it make more sense to let the property go into Foreclosure or just do a Short Sale?  Are you aware that some lenders are giving AS MUCH AS $35,000 after the Short Sale is completed to the homeowner on a Short Sale?  Are you familiar with some of the NEW CALIFORNIA STATE LAWS that allow the homeowner to protect themselves from the lender coming after them for any of the Cancellation of Debt?  What about if you make some money down the road, hit the lottery, or come across a large inheritance after your Short Sale is completed, should you be aware of how to protect that money (your FUTURE assets) from lenders coming after you for your personal assets?  What about if one of the loans on the property (i.e. a 2nd mortgage) you did a Short Sale on, was a recourse loan, & it was before July 2011 or the lender foreclosed on you (& it was a investment property), do you NEED to be concerned with the lender coming after any of your FUTURE assets?

There are a lot of you (or someone you may know) who may be currently going thru or have recently GONE thru the above mentioned.  If so, you DO NOT want to miss this EVENT.  This is the best info you will EVER find about this topic – hands down!

The EVENT is going to be May 16th – 18th in Anaheim @ the Red Lion Hotel right next to Disneyland.  Bring your Questions & we will get you your ANSWERS. 

The Homeowner Session will be on Saturday evening.  The cost will be $29.  I will be on the panel.  There will be Real Estate Agents available to help you get this process completed for you or someone you may know who is in need of that.

***Please NOTE that this 3 day CONVENTION is geared towards Realtors / RE Agents. However, we will have a HOMEOWNER session on Saturday evening May 18th to get those ABOVE questions answered.

There will be a cost for this EVENT & the cost is different if you are a Realtor ($200) vs. a Homeowner ($29). The last Event in Vegas had over 250+ people there.

To sign up fill out the info below or you can Email me @ for more detailed info. Meanwhile, mark your calendars for May 16th–18th!

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