Live Workshop

Date/Time: Saturday May 17th 9:45AM
Location: Pacific West Realtors in the City of Orange

Seller & Homebuyer Seminar - Free Workshop


It's a Seller's market & this is a
DO NOT MISS EVENT if you are looking to buy/sell a home TODAY!

Read along with me here for a minute & realize how important it is to understand the answers to the following questions:

Sellers—Do you realize that some Listing Agents get offers & do NOT present them to you?
Why not? What would you think if you had a buyer full of determination just knock on your door & ask you if you received his offer & ask you why you haven't responded to his offer? What happens if your Listing Agent never told you that he ever received an offer because he was trying to make double the commission? Do you realize that some Agents wait for offers to come in JUST so that they can double end the deal & are NOT NECESSARILY worried about getting you the highest & best offer for your home?

One of my clients Chris Monzon will be there to tell you his story & what the heck the listing agent did to him & the games that were played. It cost him an extra $15k. He will tell you his story, & trust me, it's interesting!

Once you do get a few offers from a few potential buyers, how do you determine which offer is TRULY the best offer? Is the highest priced offer, necessarily, the best offer? What things do you need to be aware of when analyzing which is the best offer with your Listing Agent?

More Shenanigans—Are you aware that some Listing Agents take a larger piece of the Commission pie (like 3% for them & offer 2% to the other Agent) & by doing so, MAY eliminate & literally stop some Agents from ever taking their buyers & showing them your home? What do you do to stop that? How do you know how much the Listing Agent is offering the Selling Agent (the Agent representing the buyer) as far as commission goes? Are you aware that some Listing Agents may reduce their commission with you, the seller, say down to 5% (rather than the customary 6%), ONLY to take 3% for themselves & ONLY offer 2% to the Selling Agent? Why is this important to know? How do you check & make sure what they are offering the other Agent as far as Commission goes?

Are you familiar with Agents who have Commission Breath? Or, have you ever dealt with an Agent who recently had a Commission-ectamy?

Buyers, Riddle me this—Have you been writing offers on properties ONLY to find out that your Agent never even heard a response back from the Listing Agent? Did it EVER cross your mind if the Seller of the home was EVEN NOTIFIED of your offer? How do you make sure that the Seller of the Property EVEN saw your offer?

Are you aware that if the Listing Agent is ONLY offering a 2% commission to the selling agent that YOUR AGENT (the one who is showing you properties) MAY NOT even show you properties where they are ONLY being offered a 2% commission? Why is that? Is this important to know? How do you keep your Realtor honest? Are you being shown ALL of the listings that are on the MLS? How do you know? How do you double check?

How do you get your offered accepted in a multiple offer situation?

Oh, I REALLY do get excited & I'm so passionate to help people not get taken advantage of. 90 minutes is clearly NOT enough time & sometimes we do go over 90 minutes but it's because you guys ask so many darn questions.

Look, I am sick of the games that go on in our industry. Just call me the Whistle Blower. I might even wear my referee shirt with a whistle around my neck. Cover your ears! Uh, sir, that's a $15k yard penalty for accepting an offer to do business with that Agent. I just blew my whistle.

Did you google your Realtor's name? Did you look him up on the BRE (Bureau of Real Estate) to see how many complaints he has received? Does he/she have a good rating on the Better Business Bureau?

Ok, ok you get the idea!

Oh here's our AAA rating (the highest rating you can get) on the Better Business Bureau -

Here's our motto — BS is NOT a swear word. It means Before Solomon. Because Before Solomon, you might have got a lot of BS, but once you deal with us, we'll shoot you straight (click on the above link if you don't believe me).

You may have heard us on KABC 790, 97.1 Free FM (back in the day), KFWB 980 or AM 830 (the Angel's Baseball Sports Radio station). We have been doing our one hour radio Real Estate show since February 2006 & MY COMMITMENT TO YOU is to bring it & make sure you are treated fairly & avoid the pitfalls of buying or selling in a Seller's Market.

So get your "homebuying or selling booty" down to our next Seminar.

This is the info that the other 99% of Realtors out there will NOT discuss with you. How do I know this? I GUARANTEE you, I will prove it to you!

Accept this challenge... You will NOT get any better info at any Real Estate seminar for buyers or Sellers in one location in 90 minutes anywhere! I offer you this find better info in 90 minutes, for FREE.

Then, once it's over, look out world because we are going to keep Realtors, Homeowners, Buyers & Lenders honest one deal @ a time!

See you there! - Fred Solomon


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