Live Workshop (Anaheim, CA)

Date/Time: August 2, 2013 10AM - 11:30AM
Location: Pacific West Realtors Education Center
Address: 1601 E Orangewood Ave., Anaheim, CA 92805

Realtors, What are you doing to get NEW leads?


Realtors, Want to learn some Effective New ways to market yourself & get that phone ringing?

With over 22+ years Marketing & Advertising Experience under my belt, trust me, there are some really INEXPENSIVE ways to make the phone ring. Get this, we are CURRENTLY spending $25/month, & we ONLY do it ONCE a month. So, come to our next:

Free Realtor Marketing Workshop

Join us on Friday August 2nd at 10AM @ the Pacific West Realtors Education Center

To sign up fill out the info below - it's free!

Solomon Financial has spent over $2 million+ in advertising since 2001

  • We will show you Postcards, blogging / press releases that work & how to do it
  • We will be sharing ideas that will make your phone ring

So make plans to attend our next FREE Realtor Marketing Event in Anaheim on August 2nd

Oh, & by the way, we are NOT selling a thing. It is a FREE workshop to come & learn about inexpensive, effective ways to market & that's it!

Who should attend?

  1. Any Realtor who is spending more than $25/month in advertising.
  2. Any Realtor who wants to DECREASE their Cost per Lead.
  3. Any Realtor who wants to learn effective NEW ways to market & get new business.

Why Free?  Well hopefully, in return for giving you the guidance & consultation to help get your phone ringing, you appreciate & thank us by trusting us with your Buyer's who are looking to Purchase & NEED mortgage loans. I have been to the By Referral Only workshops (sending notecards, & other effective ways to market, etc.).  I have seen, who I think, are all the best marketers.  We have spent 2 million+ in advertising ourselves, so hopefully by now, we know what does & does NOT work.

Sign up below – it's free
We have a panel of great Real Estate Related Marketing Specialists lined up (Lee Honish, Kaaren Hall, & Dale Cheema)!

See you there! - Fred Solomon


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