Why Solomon Financial?Why Solomon Financial?

Solomon Financial Mortgage is a professional agency with experienced and creative agents, loan officers and licensed brokers on staff.

We approach business with solutions to cover your needs. Since 1990, our firms' knowledge of the mortgage and real estate business experience supports our ability to create innovative solutions for our clients. Whether you are Refinancing, Lowering your rate, Consolidating debt, Taking a home equity line of credit or getting rid of PMI: We have a program to suit your needs.

As an independent agency and broker in California since 1990, Solomon Financial has built a legacy based on hard work, honesty, integrity and professionalism. We value our relationships with employees, clients and familiar lenders. Finally, at the center of it all is our team concept.

Direct from MSN.com Refinance SectionDirect from MSN.com Refinance Section

If you can refinance today with a "no-cost" loan at a lower interest rate—meaning you pay no points or closing costs, and the interest rate is actually lower than your current rate—run, don't walk, to your lender's office. But this golden scenario rarely applies.

What Loan Officers Don't Want You to KnowWhat Loan Officers Don't Want You to Know

(Previously Published in L.A. Times—By Fred Solomon, Jr.)

We don’t just promise you service. We deliver! AND PUT IT IN WRITING FOR YOU. The question is:
How do you know that real low rate they quote you in the beginning, is the same low rate you get in the end?

1. What is the RATE, how many POINTS, and what are the CLOSING COSTS?
(Get it in writing!!)

What are the upfront fees, i.e. Application Fees? Ask for a Good Faith Estimate & get it in writing!

2. How busy are they?

Ask, how many loans does the loan officer your dealing with have in process.

3. Be skeptical of the lenders who have the best pricing, ask if you can lock-in the loan prior to loan approval?

Ask for how many days?

This is a way to guarantee the rate they are quoting in their advertisement is real. If the lender does lock-in prior to approval, will they provide the lock-in to you in writing on the lender's letterhead. (Keep a copy!!)

4. Do they have a Low Interest Rate Guarantee? What is the policy?

With us, the Lenders compete for your business. (Lenders like Chase Manhattan, Washington Mutual, RBC, GN Mortgage, Countrywide, & Citi)

5. Are there any cancellation fees ...

(besides up front cost of appraisal & credit)?