Put Your Money Where Your House Is - By Fred SolomonPut Your Money Where Your House Is - By Fred Solomon


You can pay as much as $34.95 for our book on other sites. However, on our site we are selling it for $19.95% a 42.9% discount.

If you are looking to purchase sell refi or buy investment property. This book will save you thousands. If you want simple philosophies to learn the right way to do it, then this is the book for you. We feel this book is the only Real Estate book you will ever need to read. It has info that is worth much more than it's purchase price of $19.95 (on this site only).

We hate to offer a money back guarantee because it makes the book seem cheap, however, we know that's what the readers want. So, here we go. You can read it and if you don't like it for any reason just tell us what you didn't like about the book and why and we will gladly refund your money minus any shipping & handling fees.

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