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12 Reasons Investors Are Buying Properties in our Biloxi Opportunity in The Go Zone

1. Retirement – 97% of Americans don’t have enough money to retire on. Let’s say you want $100,000 a year to retire on. You would need to purchase 15 homes today at $150,000 and keep them for at least 15 years – receiving a 7% appreciation per year – sell them 15 years from now receiving $2.2 million after tax cash in your pocket, then putting that $2.2 million in a money market account at 5% you would get a minimum of $100,000 a year to live. (See our excel sheet)

2. Positive cash flow (A 4 bedroom home in Biloxi currently renting for $1,400 to $1,500 per month).

3. Statistics prove the need for housing:

  • 65,000 homes were destroyed during Katrina.
  • 45,000 homes are needed immediately and only 10,000 are currently constructed.
  • 55,000 homes NEED TO BE REBUILT in the Biloxi market.
  • 5 year proposal to put 22 casinos in the Biloxi market. MGM, Harrah’s, Steve Wynn, Hard Rock & Donald Trump himself will be building a $1.3 billion casino in Biloxi.

4. Tax Incentives (Possible 50% DEPRECIATION WRITE-OFF in YEAR 1). Read below.

5. Small Rental Assistance Program offers opportunities for up to $40k in the form of a forgivable loan as long as you keep it rented to low income housing tenants for 5 years and meet the requirements. See below in order to get complete details for the Small Rental Assistance Program with the State of Mississippi & website & qualification info.

6. This property is turnkey – the property management is already in place.*

7. Walk in equity of 12%. A 15% down payment ($24,000) on a price point of $160,000 allows a potential buyer to have walk-in equity of at least 12-13%. In other words the property appraises 12-13% higher than the purchase price.

8. Cost to build - Less than $100 a square foot.

9. Modular Homes Built to withstand 150 mph winds (Category 5 Hurricane). See Document pdf file on PreFab vs. Modular. Modular homes receive the same rates as single family residences. Conventional financing available through Solomon Financial.

10. Humanitarian / altruistic aspect:

  • 101,000 people are living in FEMA trailers (some are severely ill including children from Formaldehyde in these trailers) and need to get out. You can help these people live in a brand new, safe home. (See the story on the for more info).

11. Invest in a Rapidly APPRECIATING emerging market -- possibly the very best market in the United States. (Like Vegas and Southern California in the early to mid 1990’s. Prices of homes in So-Cal were dropping then while prices in Vegas were going up.) 5 years from now Biloxi will look like a miniature Las Vegas. Investors who enter at beginning are the ones who will make the most profit.

12. Solomon Financial Mortgage does loans in Mississippi & other Go Zone areas - 40 states in total. To make sure our clients are not overcharged we stand behind our match/beat guarantee.

*However if you use a property management company, you may not meet the requirement for Test # 3 on the pdf file that is sent out when you email The document is called 50% Depreciation Writ-off qualification Info, please review this document with your CPA to see if you qualify for this Depreciation Write-off the Go Zone is offering.

Disclaimer - The Small Rental Assistance Program offers some incentives that are available to people who invest in this opportunity. Not all will qualify. The MS small rental assistance program application guidebook is available by going to MS site -
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